Date Event
4/1 APS CBs*/member Bourse/(maybe an Estate Quick Auction
4/15 Program Night - A philatelic Quiz with Phil
4/29 Club Trip to the PF 10a - 2ish
5/6 APS CBs*/member bourse/Maybe an Estate Quick Auction
5/20 Program Night - A Look at some "Unusual" Consular/RK Issue Applications w Hugh
6/3 APS CBs*/Mem Bourse/maybe an Estate Quick Auction
6/17 Program Night - TBD / on Connecticut Postal History - Galen
w/o 6/24 APS Summer Session
11/24-17 The 2019 NOJEX/ASDA Show at the Meadowlands Hilton

* At this time, we do not have an APS Circuit Book Manager, so CBs have been temporarily suspended until one is found.

(NOTE: *A Quick Auction lot must have an opening bi5 of at least $5)