Date Event
1/21/MLK? "A U.S. Postal Stationery Sampler: 19th Century Stamped Envelopes, Wrappers and Lettersheets - The Nesbitt Issues (1853-70)" presented by member Galen Radebaugh
2/4 APS CBs/member bourse/maybe a Quick Auction?
2/18/Pres Day Program Night... A Philatelic Quiz with Phil
Feb/Mar Visit the PF?
3/4 APS CBs/member bourse/review Member Auction lots
3/18 Program Night...Major Member Auction...Al
4/1 APS CBs/member bourse/(maybe an Estate Quick Auction?)
4/15 Program Night...Our Next Philatelic Tour thru post-WWII Europe w...Phil
Apr/May Spring visit to the APS/date TBD
5/6 APS CBs/member bourse/(maybe an Estate Quick Auction?)
5/20 Program Night...A Tour thru early US Foreign Mail FCs...Hugh
6/3 APS CBs/member bourse(maybe an Estate Quick Auction?)
6/17 Program Night...A trip thru some “Unusual” Consular Issue/RK application w Hugh
w/o 6/24 APS Summer Session?
TBD Visit/s to the FP on a 2 nd or 4 th Monday 10a-2pish

(NOTE: *A Quick Auction lot must have an opening bi5 of at least $5)

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